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Thank you for your interest in the M14Hoops Trainer position!

Thank you for your interest in the M14Hoops Trainer position! Please read description of the position and then fill out the application below. Feel free to contact us at if you have any immediate questions about the position. We look forward to working with you!

Position Definition: A part-time position for those aspiring to be a youth basketball development trainer.

Reports to: Director of Basketball Operations

Pay: Starts at $17.50/HR
Hours: Flexible
Summer: Morning, Afternoon & Evening
Fall/Winter/Spring: Afternoons & Evenings

Summary of Responsibilities:

As a Trainer, you'll gain responsibility for helping Court Leaders implement custom curriculum for youth basketball players K-12th grade. Our trainers will uphold M14’s Company Standards and learn our unique system of development.

You'll be responsible for assisting Court Leader Trainers with group teaching, learning all players names, and setting up and breaking down court equipment. Trainers learn how to deliver and manage superior customer service. We will teach you how to effectively communicate, influence and interact with players of all ages, genders, abilities, and positions.

About M14Hoops: 

M14Hoops is a youth basketball skills development company. We are dedicated to teaching young players life lessons through the game of basketball. We believe in our championship culture and strive for excellence in every area. The M14 system of development has produced 2 McDonald's All-Americans, hundreds of college basketball athletes, and helped thousands of players reach their basketball goals.

Our company was founded in 2009 in the suburbs of Chicago and opened its second location, M14Hoops Indianapolis, in 2016. Today, M14Hoops is represented at over 25 locations across the nation.. and counting!

Through the continued growth of our current locations and with future locations in the works, M14Hoops is a great opportunity for upwards career growth for those interested in a professional career in sports and training.

At M14Hoops Our Trainers:

  • LOVE Basketball - We love all aspects of the game: watching, playing, and teaching. We are all former players, we are fans, we are obsessed.
  • Passionate About Working with Youth- we love working with kids of all ages. We take serious pride in seeing them get better and achieve their goals.
  • Professional- We take basketball development seriously and we expect the same from every member of our team.
  • Bring High Energy to Every Session- Our players deserve it & look forward to getting pushed to be their best.
  • Proactive- Our trainers are great at anticipating training needs to keep sessions running smoothly.
  • Team Player- each session can change the needs and expectations based on: the number of players at the session, location of training, number of staff, and curriculum created for each session. We need our Junior trainers to be flexible to adjust and help implement any changes to the session seamlessly.
  • Punctual- We take pride in starting and ending sessions on time. We value our players and their parents’ time. We expect the same respect for time from our trainers.
  • Take Criticism Objectively – at M14, we are all about continued development- for both players and staff. We have a particular way of doing things to provide consistency in training and help you always reach new levels as a trainer.
  • Excellent Communication Skills- Our players come and try new things every session- our trainers are able to effectively communicate drills and tailor the delivery to our players based on their age and skill level.
  • High Energy- able to project voice and articulate words in a noisy environment. We set the example for our players and keep the energy high at all times.
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