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We believe in offensive spacing, player movement and ball movement; this means players must be taught how to anticipate and read the defense. After all, there is only 1 ball on the court so 4 other players will have to know how to play without it. We also teach players defensive principles. This will allow them to impact the game on both ends of the court.

At M14, we build complete players, not just great ball handling or shooters. We even get them playing both hands equally. As our players progress with their individual skill, we introduce team concepts. Coaching youth basketball is our passion. We are happy to share key basketball fundamentals with basketball coaches around the world. Check out the videos below!

Coaching Clinic - Full

Check out the Coaching Clinic done by Coach Matt, founder of M14Hoops. This clinic was put on for Coaches who coach youth basketball teams grades 3rd-8th. Here is the full clinic.

Coaching Intangibles
Intangibles To Build A Complete Player
Defense - Close Outs
Press Breaker Concepts
Half Court Offense - 5 Out
Baseline Out Of Bounds
Zone Offense
3 Man Shell Drive - Jumps & Guarding A Screen
Sideline Out of Bounds
Using And Setting Screens
Defense - 5 Man Shell
Ball Screen - Basic Concepts
Drive & Kick - Strong Side Drive/Strong Side Slide
Drive & Kick - Baseline Drive/Baseline Drift
Drive & Kick - Strong Side Drive/Weakside Lift
Drive & Kick - Middle Drive/Weakside Drift
Defense - 3Man Jumps
Hand Off's
Backdoor Cut
Getting Open From the Wing
Offense - 3 on 0 Drill #2
Offense - 3 on 0 Drill #3
Offense - 3 on 0 Drill #4
Defense - Close Outs
Defense - Guarding Screens
Offense - 3 on 0 Drill #1