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‘M14 Made’ is a title you earn, it can’t be given. It takes: sacrifice, dedication, perseverance, trust, and hard work. The ‘M14 Made’ docuseries will give you an inside look at what it means to set goals, develop a plan to reach your goals, and the work it takes to make your dream a reality.

Season 1 of the ‘M14 Made’ docuseries takes you on a journey with six M14Hoops players working to achieve their goals. Every player’s situation is different, from their ups and downs, to their achievements on and off the court. Through their journey each player learns what it takes to earn something ultimately becoming ‘M14 Made’.

Featuring: Dre Davis (Seton Hall University), Syd Parrish (Indiana University), Nijel Pack (University of Miami), Meg Newman (University of Alabama) , Luke Brown (Indiana Wesleyan University), & Gus Etchison (Marian University).

Season 2 will take you on a journey with 3 players from M14's class of 2022: CJ Gunn (Indiana University), Alyssa Crockett (University of Michigan), and Tae Davis (University of Notre Dame). All three players started training with M14 in the 6th grade way before they became the players we know them as today. At the time they were just good basketball players with huge goals. They soon found out what it would take to reach those goals and become 'M14 Made'.