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We have heard the NATIONAL request from AAU, high school, and college coaches.

They are asking to see what we teach and the unique breakdown explanations. Well coaches here it is ... Welcome to the Coaches Corner! This entire site is dedicated to the player, but this area is ONLY for trainers and coaches. As a coach, it is imperative that we teach each player and not simply assume they know. This generation of player is equally as interested in learning as past generations but you have to teach and talk to them differently. Coaches, it's important to adjust how you break down the game to stay up to date with how athletic basketball has become.

We are excited to share with you the M14 Way and how we are able to get results. It is our hope that this will help you in coaching basketball to see results faster. Our methods, philosophies and detailed drill breakdown are in every video. These are the same drills used at the M14 Basketball Academy, which is responsible for helping 5,000s of athletes achieve their goals. Feel free to incorporate them into your practices! Together, we can help players become smarter and more successful on the court.

On January 27, 2015 M14Hoops Founder Matt Miller was invited to sit down with his AAU coach & mentor, Sonny Parker, to discuss coaching basketball. Coach Parker is a former NBA Player,  Chicago hoops legend, and father of current NBA player Jabari Parker.