A Message From Matt

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Dear Valued Clients,

This company has grown for one reason...you. No matter if you are reading this as a player or a parent, this company would be no where without you. Players involved with this company have demonstrated the right approach to the game of basketball. They listen, apply what they have learned, have correct behavior on and off the court and represent M14Hoops extremely well. Our parents have opened up their personal networking systems, passed out flyers, forwarded emails and shown support in every way possible.  For that, I humbly say thank you. We will continue to show our appreciation through our work ethic and passion to teach the game the right way.

I love the game of basketball, and it has taught me so much. My approach to this company will mirror my personal approach when I played: Get better every day... Stay humble because it could all be gone tomorrow...set unobtainable goals, then achieve them ... And don't ever get so good that you aren't open to new ideas and ways to improve yourself.  I promise this company will stay rooted in quality. We will continue to research and learn to keep our philosophies on the cutting edge and up to date. We will constantly find new ways to mentor and teach young athletes how to let this game of basketball be a vehicle to take them where they want to go. Not everyone will become a professional basketball player, but all will become a professional in something. Our goal will always be to demonstrate how a ball and a hoop can teach these athletes the values needed to be successful when their playing days are over.

Please remember I am available at all times to our clients. You are the reason we are here, and together, it is my hope that we build this company to a point where it can reach players all over the world. Thank you.

Yours in hoops,
Matt Miller #14